All types of well hole repair services

Plugging works, water well hole repair services

Plugging works, water well hole repair services

All types of well hole repair services

As there are a lot of companies that offer well drilling and maintenance services in Moscow area and neighboring regions, a lot of unqualified workers or even frauds have also appeared on the market. Companies, that offer drilling services for extremely low prices by using frail or used pipes, cheap consumables with improper equipment selection or installation, are one of the main reasons of well hole malfunction, which forces you to call for a professional to perform repair services. If what you’re looking for is not just a hole in the ground, but a waterhole, it is in your best interest to contact qualified and skilled specialists.

Services list

Our company ”AquaGeo Holding” has a vast amount of experience and all necessary equipment to perform repair services of artesian and sandpoint water well holes:

Diagnostics (determination of the cause) of water intake malfunction;

Geophysical research (well logging, video recording) of deep boreholes;

Constituting an effective plan of borehole restoration;

Borehole repair (clogging removal, filter replacement, liner pipe replacement, water pumping equipment replacement, flow rate restoration, silting, etc. );

Testing a water well

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Geophysical research from 7000
Borehole repair from 10000

Borehole repair cost depends on a method and technology used for borehole restoration, which, in its turn, depends on a type of malfunction.

Borehole repair method, just as a drilling process, requires a distinct and proper approach. Borehole can be ruined beyond repair if given in the wrong hands. Don’t skimp on yourself, trust a team of professionals!


To clarify pricelist or arrange an on-site visit of our specialists give us a call: 8-495-764-00-80 for Moscow area; 8-800-100-52-62 for a charge-free call for all regions of Russia.

Borehole elimination (plugging)

What is a borehole plugging? To put it simply, borehole elimination is a process of filling a body of a borehole with cement, used to protect a water source from any type of bacteriological or chemical contamination. Artesian water is, without a doubt, a real national treasure for any country. Plugging a borehole prevents any type of contaminants from entering the subsurface of the Earth.
Aforementioned set of works is a responsible and labor-consuming process. The owner of the borehole, however, is fully responsible for carrying out the plugging process accordingly to the project and regulations of borehole plugging. According to the “RD 08-347-00 Borehole plugging, preservation and wellsprings and body equipment” act borehole plugging should be carried out strictly in accordance with following rules (valid on the entire territory of Russian Federation):

Borehole elimination is carried out in accordance with the building project, which consists of actual information on the topics of subsoil water conservation, borehole elimination regulations, technological solutions, estimations, etc. Project documentation is arranged according to the building code 11-01-95.

Equipment used for borehole plugging should be approved by Russia’s Gosgortechnadzor.

Plugging process should be carried out only by admissioned specialists.

Borehole elimination should be considered completed from the moment of signing the elimination act between the owner of the subsoil water reservoir and the territorial representative of the Gosgortechnadzor.

List of boreholes subjected to obligatory elimination consists of:

Abandoned boreholes

Emptied boreholes

Water sources subjected to elimination according to the regulations of the state control authorities

Boreholes damaged by irreversible geological soil shifts

Boreholes corrupted by the poor environmental conditions

Boreholes maintained in an inadequate technical conditions, etc.

“AquaGeo Holding” provides a full set of borehole elimination works, including: development of building project and estimations, geophysical research, water drainage, extraction of equipment and foreign objects, washing and disinfection, filling the body of the borehole with cement (plugging).
The cost of provided services depends on the diameter of the casing string and the depth of the borehole.

Pipe diameter (mm) Depth of a borehole (m) Cost (rub per RMT)
168-219 mm up to 150 m 1100
168-219 мм up to 200 m 1300
168-219 mm over 200 m 1500
273-377 mm up to 150 m 1400
273-377 mm up to 200 m 1500
273-377 mm over 200 m contractual
Large diameters - contractual

Preparation of the land site for the drilling rig execution;

Installation and dismantlement of the drilling unit;

Arrangement of the circulation system;

Geophysical research of the borehole;

Test run of the pumping system;

Preparation of the slurry solution;

Extraction of the foreign objects;

Washing a borehole with water;

Disinfection of the borehole;

Filling the filter section of the borehole with sand or gravel;

Injection of cement mortar;

Digging out a test pit;

Pruning of liner pipes and welding a cap;

Filling in a bottom of the test pit;

Backfilling a test pit;

Main activities

Industrial well drilling

Industrial well drilling

Technological processes that occur in the majority of industrial enterprises require large volumes of water for technical purposes. In some cases connecting the facilities to the centralized water infrastructure is downrigh impossible.

Well drilling services for private customers

Well drilling services for private customers

Well drilling services are gaining an increasing attention nowadays resulting from dynamic development of suburbian areas. This is considered the most effective and simple means for providing your land lot with the necessary equipment.

Water supply systems for private customers

Water supply systems for private customers

Water distribution for a private house is an open issue for a majority of landowners. Some land lots have access onty to irregullar water supply, while certain areas don’t have any centralized water infrastructure available at all.



Along with prompt and high-quality services, our Company offers attractive discounts.

Discounts apply to all services and equipment offered by the Company. We give a free-of-charge customer card entitling to progressive discount of 3, 5 and 10% to each customer who contacts our Company and signs a contract or several contracts with us.